Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Wacky Wednesday plus

Just a couple today. I didn't have time to scan up any new ones for this weeks Wacky Wednesday. I did have a couple already loaded and here they are.

A guitar and a hockey stick.

Now for the plus.

Do remember when Upper Deck first came out? I do. Now this may seem like a kudos for Upper Deck, I assure you it is not. They have put out some great sets from time to time, like my ALL-TIME favorite Ovation. However, looking at the masses of cards that have accumulated over the last year or so (those cards which do not fit into my collection anywhere, but I just could not turn down the deal.

So I searched through those cards, more the junk wax than any other but not always and managed to worm out many that did fit into my collection somewhere. I will be doing a "card dump" very soon, but more on that at the end of this post.  Back to Upper Deck:

I am quite pleased with the first few years of UD. 89, 90, 91, 92, 93, and last amongst the early years 94. The main sets, it was around this time I remember the "cheap" version breaking into the hobby as collector's choice the original motto.  From there it just got crazy as did all of the other manufactures/card companies. But for now we deal with UD. Those early years were Great cards with a variety of awesome photos, some vertical, some horizontal, some on the front (most important), and some on the card backs. Some even had wacky shots too!

The portrait look as seen here with Quisenberry. The Wacky exercise shot on Armstrong, Pitchers in action (not just pitching), celebratory shots.  All great pieces of cardboard.

A little plate action and an odd looking turning two perhaps.

These are just some GREAT card BACKS.

After 1994 UD photo quality dropped off a bit as did the card designs. I really became disinterested until the Ovation set came out. Loved it from the start, especially that first year which was the BOMB!  I do believe their photo quality came back some what when they took over Fleer. It is as if they totally switched up everything about the photos used for the cards. In fact looking at most modern UD I can't help but feel like I am looking at the upper end Fleer cards from the 90s like Ultra. Maybe it's just me.  OH well, I ranted enough.....Now to talk more about the card dump.

Over the next couple of months I plan on sending out a bunch of flat rate boxes to many of my followers. Especially those that have a specific team they collect, just makes it easier. But not to fret to those who don't do that, I will also be sending out boxes to those mini set collectors, as many of those are embedded into my head as well as in my collection. I can't promise anything, but I will try my best to keep from doubling up cards.

I do NEED your help though:

Please, make sure I HAVE YOUR ADDRESSES!!!!!   E-mail me put card dump in the subject line


  1. That UD Chuck Finley is probably one of my favorite Upper Deck cards ever. Not your typical action shot.

  2. Love the Walker TSC card and the Jack Armstrong card! Lots of great shots!