Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thanks on Thanksgiving Day

First of all, I'd like to say that I am most thankful for my family and then for the blessings and favors in my life, those I recognize and for those that I don't. Then for all other things that I hold dear including baseball cards and the friends made through such trading. Like these cards I recently received from Wes (jaybarkerfans junk).

Serial numbered dual jersey card.

numbered as well

A missing mini that came from a 9 card Listia win.

The McCann is a refractor, and that and the Swingman Chipper, and Mathews  were part of a 9 card Listia win.

back to the cards from Wes.


How about a little Maddux jeresy card.

A few autos too.

My favorite of the bunch. Thank you Wes.

I picked of this next lot from local trading bud BOB.

 I got the whole set.

I got the whole set.

I got the whole set.

I got the whole set.

I got the whole set.

I got the whole set.

I got the whole set. I do WANT a second of this card.

I got the whole set.

I got the Angels team set, even though I don't collect them, I am counting them as an oddball set, thus keeping them. Besides I like Smokey the bear.

I'm not sure if I got the whole set here, but I did get a bunch of them.

Why not, I say.

A Kellogg's, and I got the complete set of Grand Slammers.

OOPS!, forgot to crop it. I got the complete set of the Ted Williams inserts. I already put the Jeter and Griffey in their binders

I got either 18 or 19 of the 1978 TCMAs. I of course scanned the Hank, but I need another one of the Denny LeMaster for a birthday binder. (any LeMasters would be nice)

Only picked up these 2 1979 Tcma's. But a Spahn and Mathews......

Wainwright, need I say more?

The Hank below was part of the same 9 card listia win from above.

I wanted this card for so long. When i seen it on Listia with another 8 cards, I had to pull the trigger, I wound up winning the lot for 699 credits, and as it turned out I needed 8 of the 9 cards, wow.

This next group came via Doug at OCT.

2014 Topps Update.

A red hot!

I want/need another one of those Smoltz cards too.  Thanks Doug, you have your return fire by now.

Well after Doug hit me with those base Update cards, I went over to Just commons to add a few more.

I still the Maddux from the base series mini and all of the relics.

How about a few gold to go with the cards Doug sent me. Yeah JC had some, not JUST these:

Had these too.

Lastly I show off two more of the 9 card Listia win.

These two cards were the "Title" cards highlighting the lot. We all know that Aaron Candy City (special set for the Special Olympics) was the key card.

I Hope you all have had an awesome Turkey Day. Thanks for trades!!!!!!

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