Tuesday, November 4, 2014

last minute additions

Ran through some of my Braves doubles, and ran across a few more for the Name Game that I had previously left out (you remember me being lazy). Let's show those that should have been shown already, the rest can wait their turn.

Starting off I did NOT scan papa Hairston, although I did put him in the binder. I know he isn't a Brave, but I dug up a couple that weren't so shoot me, JK  I don't want to  be shot.

The other Brian Hunter.

The Michael.

This guy has a counterpart you maybe more familiar with, Musician?  Guitarist...... give up  Record producer and former American Idol judge.  I don't have a card at hand. I do have some music cards that might have the band , but I will have too check that at a MUCH later time.

Okay, not a card stole/borrowed from the pages of a magazine. Guess I'm gonna have to pull a HOFer dupe out.  LOL.

The other Dave Johnson and long time MLB manager and former Brave, and one that also rests quietly in the birthday binders.

Another Randy Johnson, still need to pull the REAL RJ, lol.

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