Wednesday, July 2, 2014


Well my mom has a few more days in the hospital, want to thank everyone for their comments. She has pneumonia this go around, not good for someone with a bad pair of lungs, bad kidneys, and ticker too. But she is doing well and will get out sometime later this week.

I got some nice cards in this week, so first I'd like to wrap up the last of the binder finders and disclose the blogger/trader that sent them.

Some more parallels.

and some more.

Another gold card and some needed 2014s.

A nice parallel of McCann and a HANK!

Some Gallery goodness.

Very nice cards! Gold label and a Museum.

Extra nice Triple Threads cards!

More Triple Threads!

A Turkey Red  RED and GOLD and an Archives Reserve!

A Chrome trio of Prado. Red, Silver border, and White border.

Some Stadium Club sweetness from Wes over at jaybarkerfans junk. Yep,Wes sent that huge box of goodies that was sitting by my front door because they wouldn't fit in my mailbox.

Thanks Wes, enjoy the vintage!

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