Wednesday, July 2, 2014

A few from the Bay and others

Recently I went browsing around the Bay and picked up these ripe Oranges (keep in mind, I live in Florida)

Ten Orange parallels numbered to 250 from the 2014 Bowman set including the BP 1 you see directly above.

I was also very fortunate to pick up this goodie, or should I say Goudey from 1933!

Yeah I know the paper loss hurts the card, but still.....

Fellow trader John Stamper from the Oldcardtraders   (OCT) website sent along these dandies.

76 Hostess, bringing me to a total of three. Yippee.

1982 Topps.

The Classic cards came from reader Mark Hoyle, and the five football cards, well those are for my Gators in NFL binder courtesy of Mark Germana (VCT)

Reader Mark Hoyle also sent along these (minus the 33 Goudey). SWEEEEET Chippers.

1955 Topps came courtesy of Nate Mack from OCT!

OCT is really a great group to belong to. It may seem complicated because you have to make 5 trades (5 points) per quarter (3 months). It is super easy.. I mean super easy. For example, Nate just blindly sent that card above, so I sent a thanks on the website email and he gets a point. Although the group is called old card traders,  many of our members collect current sets too, and not just baseball either.  I usually randomly send 5  unexpected surprises myself at the beginning of each trading period, and whamo, I'm done.

The beuts  below came from Mark Germana over at VCT (vintage card traders), like OCT without the points, and again most of these members collect newer stuff too and this group is HUGE.

OOPS, this scan is out of order. Oh well,  the orange bordered 1988 Donruss are the baseball best set 9the rest are below minus one more that I need).

Again this group got out of order, some 1988 and 1989 Donruss Baseball Best.

The rest of the 1989 Donruss BB minus 1 card I need for that set too.

Mark didnt send the 1955 Topps above, thats the same one posted above from Nate.

This foursome hits my 9/16 binders. That gets me all caught up with the cards that came in. Now just to let them sit for awhile until I find time to get some binder pages, LOL. We all know what that is like.


  1. The Braves binders have to be pretty full

  2. Yes, the binders are pretty full, always needing more binders and pages, LOL

  3. Congrats on a year.

    4/22 73 Pics