Sunday, November 2, 2014

Sundae Surprise!

Okay so there isn't any ice cream here, merely a play on words. However, there is a surprise that popped into my mailbox, two in fact. The first came from a trading buddy on the oldcardtraders site (aka: OCT). Don Roth avid golfer and die hard Mets Fan reserves the warmer days for playing golf and then when it gets too cold for that (he lives in New York) he bumps his baseball trading up. You need a minimum of 5 trades per quarter (3 months) amongst the group, no biggie there. I have done as many 50+.  Awhile back Don threw up some non vintage (aka: UV) inserts up for whoever wanted them. There were a lot, so I emailed him and said I'd take what ever he'd like to send, especially if they had Braves in them. I had forgotten about until I pull a prioirty envelope out of the mailbox. Hmm, i said what could be inside..... 9 pocket pages with 68% of a 50 card insert set. Scattered throughout the pages were 34 cards from 1995 Studio Gold credit card looking inserts. SWEET. I've scanned the three Braves that were among them.

These cards are pretty cool and to get 34 of them was SWEET (play on the Sundae thing).  Eight more of these went into the HOF player Binders even though 4 are not in yet, but will be soon as they are shoe ins and one that HOPEFULLY NEVER gets in....LOL.

The second surprise came in the form of a flat rate box from fellow blogger Pat (Hotcornercards).
I've scanned the Braves that hit my want list and here they are:

Some 2005 Diamond Kings, including the Framed Red of Andruw.

A few Fleer.

I didn't realize I needed so many from that Ultra set, still need a lot.

Two more knocked off the 1994 Bowman's Best set. I wasn't even aware of the #13 Matt Murray.

Can't complain about a needed Freeman, or a black parallel!

That shot exudes confidence. It's a shame that the Braves couldn't turn him into the player they had hoped for.  Oh well, great photo either way!

Look EE there number 10/25! SWEET!

A gold Kawakami!

A 2014 insert, and a 1992 KING B......... Need I say it?  Yes I do..... SWEET!

Front and back shot of this Chipper insert.  Really not sure what the insert set is called. Preface to card number is FF, and the only thing indicated on the actual card is Famous ball players.  ?????

Red, Blue, and Gold parallels.  Love it!

Very nice RED FOIL of Medlen too!

Another front and back shot of a Chipper insert.

Another insert.

A & G love.
 and a mini too.

Topps Chrome. I probably should have rotated that Chipper Jones, would have looked a lot better.

Sorry, Nick I only got the one Bethancourt, LOL.  Very stoic Upton.

A pair of Hs.

A black Freeman, not to be confused with Marvin. I had that Mathews from Archives, but I needed it for the HOFer Binder.....

Some Braves hopefuls.

And last but not least, this fantastic Matrix card from Stadium Club!

I'm not sure what I did to deserve these cards, but thank you very much Pat!!! And Don too.

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