Monday, November 3, 2014

Monday Mini continuation

Still running wild with the Name Game binder. I forget exactly where I left off so let us cross our fingers and hope no editing is needed.

A pair of Bobby Jones and the third missing is the golfer.

I have his football card too, just need to pull one out of my Falcons doubles.

Bob (Robert) the other is/was from the political Kennedy family.

Counterpart is also from the political Kennedys, the father. Tidbit of history, he made the bulk of his money by pulling his money out of the stock market just before the "crash" and then got into the bootlegging business during prohibition.

Eric's middle name is Steven, spelled differently from the author but as you can tell by now, close enough for me.

Johnny Knox, counterpart the actor/comedian best known for his part of JACKASS.

Okay I cheated a little here. Carl Lee (Haley) character from a movie and played by Samuel Jackson.

Bob (Robert): counterpart General Robert E. Lee, or maybe I could put a picture of the "Duke" brothers car.

I have the baseball card too.

Richard Lewis the comedian, although not my kind of funny.

Javy's counterpart is a current NFLer and I don't have a card of him.

Counterpart, the singer and the former Mr. Paltrow.

Counterpart: NFLer playing for the Buccaneers. Yes, I do have one, just need to pull one out.

These two guys share their name with the actor/comedian. I do not have one of his cards but I'm sure there is one out there.

Another Pedro Martinez pitched in the MLB too and used A. his middle initial on his cards. i have one somewhere.

These two MLBers is the counterpart Dodgers relative of Pedro above. I have since added his card into the binder but I didn't scan it.


  1. You also have Bobby Jones the basketball player

    1. I'll get you one. Played on 72 Olympic team. Starred in the ABA. Won 6th man of the year award with the sixers