Friday, October 16, 2015

Nothing like a little RETURN FIRE & cards from abroad.

Recently I posted on OCT that I had a Topps vintage 1957 Space card available. My buddy Jim Craig quickly laid claim to it as he is building that set and this one was needed.  Here is what Jim sent as a return.

Bam, one of the Most Wanted Braves cards. 1966 Topps #553, a high # (which, I still need 2 more btw). One for the set build, and one for the Famous Names binder: Pat Garrett, you remember the other one right? Billy the Kids' buddy became lawman to hunt him down..... The movie was great, 1973. The Braves most wanted list originally started with 10 cards, now down to just seven. Once it dwindles down to five, I plan on keeping a Top Five Most Wanted Braves.

Next up we have some return fire from Ray over at the blog All Cardinals All the time .

Ray sent a note stating he picked these up for me a recent card show. 12 inserts from 2015 sets.

The skinny one is a Bowman Prospects "mini", and the Wood is a Prizm Prizms.

Ray also sent along these:

Well done Ray, thanks a bunch!

I also grabbed up this 2015 Prizm Field Pass Prizms Freddie Freeman card off of Listia.

A while back Riccardo from Italy (Chasing Completeness) reached out and said he had some cards that he wanted to help me out with for my set builds. Its has been awhile since then and I had forgotten all about it. I do remember I had asked him if he had a want list or want page besides the 3 sets he has on his blog/post.  I will figure it out one day. Well Wednesday I got this "box" from Italy. Loaded inside were 2 stacks of set build needs. Even though it had been a little while since he reached out I still needed 90% of them. Totally cool Riccardo! $13 Euros to mail that box, guess we aren't the only ones that get nailed on Int'l shipping.

I didn't scan them, mainly base cards non Braves, and a lot of them. There were cards from 78, 83, 84, 85, an 86 Raines for my 9/16 binder, some 98, a 99 & 94, 02, 03, and 2011s. The 2011s turned out to be where the 10% dupes came, as I obtained the near set a while back. But a huge boost to the set builds for sure. Riccardo or anyone who knows his wants/needs  besides the 3 sets he is working on....send me the link.  Thank you all, have a great weekend.

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