Sunday, October 11, 2015

A White Whale for my collection

I've been away from blogging for a couple of weeks. I hadn't had much to post about lately, and the regular posts hadn't seemed to be of much interest to folks so I didn't bother.

Yesterday, I had a couple of tables at my friend Bob's card show. I was hoping to sell enough to repair the damage to finances. Unfortunately, I didn't sell even one card. Shattered for sure. I did trade away 50,000+ cards, for a handful of cards that has been sitting on Bob's back shelf for quite some time now. I will grab them eventually.  Only 2 of the vendors had a good day. Both of them wound up spending more than they sold. One of those, spent $400.00 buying an entire collection of vintage, thousands of Super Stars. My guess somewhere in the neighborhood of $12K based on condition. They won't last 24 hrs on Ebay either. I mean it was some good stuff. I wish I had the funds, could have been mine, he came to me first. Oh well, that is how the day was. I was devastated come 2pm, made a deal before I left to have one of them find a buyer for Elway collection. Went home, went to the mailbox, and a small PWE, went inside and opened it up.

Just showed up in my mailbox yesterday, unannounced. There it was. Had the best nights sleep I've had in years. HUGE thanks to fellow OldCardTraders Don Roth. Guess, the Elways are safe for now.

These are the other cards I have gotten in the last two weeks for my Braves collection.

That is my first White Turkey Red.

Maddux & Glavine  dual jersey card.

2 Maddux jersey cards.

A pair of Chippers.


  1. WOW!!! That's incredible John, congrats!

  2. Congrats on landing a white whale!

  3. Sorry to hear about the lack of sales at the card show. I wrote a post about my experiences a few weeks ago. I didn't sell cards... but I talked about the dwindling # of dealers. My guess is the lack of sales and lack of dealers setting up go together. As for that vintage deal... man oh man... I'd love to see what that guy purchased. Very jealous.

  4. Congrats. A good day after all. I saw Elway play in Oneonta. I played a college game a couple of hours before his team took the field.... Half the team stuck around and watched a few innings