Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Wacky Wednesday 2020 September release

 Before I start with the Wacky Packages, I wanted to let you know what was on the card shelves at my Walmart.

15 hangar boxes of Update, 4 Mega boxes of Bowman Platinum and a dozen hangar boxes, and lastly was a dozen blasters of Gallery and a slew of fat packs.

September was a 5 week month so there are 25 base stickers (with parallels), 5 Guest Artists, and 5 wonky Packages.

For the month I wound up with 3 Ludlow backs.

2 ad/coupon backs.

I also got 2 GA's.

and 3 1wPs.

puzzle 1.

puzzle 2.

These are the card backs for the last 5 (week 5) stickers.


  1. Buddafed is my fave. Although the McD Happy Meal card sure brought back memories. It's been a long time since I've ordered a one, but I feel like I haven't seen them in those boxes in decades.

  2. I know I'm older than even the older bloggers when I say I was too old for Happy Meals and have never had one. That's my favorite of these stickers, too. McPotamus is funny.

  3. Oafs, Hairybo and Count Chuckula. I think the originals will always be my favorites but I still find a few of the new ones funny.