Tuesday, July 17, 2018

The Other Guy

The other blogger buddy who sent a huge package recently was none other than Brian over at HSCA. I scanned a few.

A gold and a black, both needed Braves.

How about this beaut? No stub, but who cares. This is just my 2nd Braves Rad Man. pafko also figures into the birthday binders, so I still need another one, lol.

Top row, I needed the sparkle/glittery Inciarte, the other two turns out I had them and the Freeman Holiday card, but I still need several Braves from that set.  I needed all of the autos.

I also needed all of these Braves too.  Thanks Brian.

Have a great night folks!


  1. Glad they made it to you safely - the burning question - were any of the Elways needed? Hopefully at least one was. Always a pleasure to trade with you!

    1. I don't collect NFL anymore. There was 1 that I don't remember having before.

  2. I often say Kellogg's are my favorite vintage oddballs... but Red Man cards definitely deserve to be in the discussion.