Friday, November 6, 2015

Thank you Thank you and Thank you

It has been a fantastic week (okay 2 weeks) for getting unexpected cards. I will start with the ones that I am not going to show you, haha. Gotta have some fun. This is after all my very busy season. In the last 10 days or so I have received a few PWEs, loaded with good stuff, 3 Three count them 3 Medium Flat rate boxes (okay, one of them was a regional rate 8 (very close), 1 Regional Rate 5, and a Small flat rate box which I am going to show some of them from that box.

It came in yesterday from DefGav. Let me tell you I was up all night with it. Again, there are a ton of cards I didn't scan, so I will simply tell you about them McCovey and Windfield vintage... Enough said there?  I thought so.  So I will show you the  (NEEDED) Braves that he sent first.

I've said this before, but my favorite " brand set" is Ovation!

Oh lookie, B/W Goudey!

A Braves autographed card. Very much appreciated.

Oh wow, Certified Braves auto.  Very welcome in deed.

How was that for scan 1?

Clubhouse Relic.

I had to research this one. didn't know they existed. Had to add them to my list. Framed Gold.

Yep, there's a piece of vintage cardboard in really super great shape other than the the tiniest of something there on the right side of the card. Great 58! Now you know why I wasn't showing Winfield & McCovey cards.  This one was just too sweet.

My first Topps Pristine, and go figure it is "Uncirculated".  Gavin you know how bad I want to take this card out of the case. It is "printed" on the card back uncirculated.

Well, that was scan 2. And I will stop here, have to head off to work, and by no means and I through. Have a few more Braves, and then some mini collection, and set needs too.

HAVE a GREAT weekend, I will be at the Gator game tomorrow!

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