Monday, December 22, 2014

Wow, its been awhile

Howdy ya'll. It's been awhile since I last posted cards. With the work load now down to a slow simmer, my mom should be coming home from the hospital today, and the first wave of the card dump completed I just might be able to write something or at least show off some great cards. Saturday i was able to run over to my house and found these beauties waiting for me in the mailbox.

1972 Kellogg's came courtesy of David Ballew from the OCT trading group I belong to. They aren't Braves, but so what! Love em' .

1967 Planet of the Apes, again not Braves, but I do collect these vintage cards. Jim Craig from OCT send this one.

Fellow OCTer Kevin Martens send these two 2014 parallels from my want list. (BTW, I should have most of the WANTED/NEEDED series 2 base cards in the mailbox in the next day or so.

This next "group" comes courtesy of sister blogger Julie from the "A Cracked Bat"

One word, SWEET!

Love the Red,White, and Blue design of this set so much that it was the inspiration for the  mini collection.

Like the base set this design fits nicely into the red,white, and blue mini collection as well. I will be looking to get this complete insert set in addition to doubles/triples of the Braves and any potential HOFers.

Plus, I am sure these inserts will fit nicely into Dimebox Nicks mini collection too!

If I stopped here, I feel like I showed some pretty cool cards, but Julie didn't stop so neither will I.

And yet Julie packed even more.

A very nice Bronze Diamond Sparkle. And that Pinnacle completed the team set.

An awesome Gold version from Archives of the Braves closer Kimbrel. With the loss of some of our best players recently, thank  goodness this guy is locked in for awhile.

I've got to put this on record, that Smoltz is about as good as it gets. I want two more of those cards for sure.

Thanks Julie for the awesome cards, it is very obvious that you took the time to sprawl over my want list. I appreciate each and everyone of these chunks of cardboard.

I would have to say Saturday's mail run was a good one, would you agree?


  1. Love those Kellogg's cards. That "Spirit of the Game" insert series is a real gem as well.

    P. S. -- Just got the box you sent me last week, thanks so much, John! I'll be posting about it soon.

  2. Thanks for the box you shot me as well!

    Very glad to hear that your mom is coming home!

  3. Man - those Kellogg's at the top are the shiz!

  4. Didn't realize the 72 Kellogg's featured all-time greats. I'll have to add that to my COMC searches. Great cards! Oh and I received your package last week. Haven't opened it, since I'm saving it for Christmas. But I should have a thank you post up this weekend. As for a return package... I'll ship one out to you in early January. I'm staying away from he post office during the holiday season.

    Happy holidays!

    1. The 72 kellogs all time greats was a separate 15 card set. It originally was put out in 1970 by Rold Gold.

    2. Thanks Mark! The blue borders remind me of the 1982 set.


  6. Thank you for the incredible box of cards! I'll be sharing these as soon as possible. So glad you enjoyed the package you received too! I loved the 2002 Studio design. Gorgeous, patriotic set!