Monday, August 11, 2014

no winners yet

Didn't get any winners, so I will leave the contest open for now. Reminder, which post had the most cards scanned and how many. HINTSSSS.

1) Definitely, was this year
2) so many pictures the cards are MOSTLY grouped in 9 per scan (makes it really easy to count)
3) 3 figure card count

On a side note, and a good one. My mother came home tonight and is doing quite well. I am at her house again, so I will use an old scan for the give away cards to put a pic up for this post.

On a sad note, we lost Robin Williams today. I have enjoyed so many of many of his films over the years starting with his T.V. sit-com Mork & Mindy (kind of had a little crush on Pam Dawber too)

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