Wednesday, August 7, 2013

T206 White Borders: Sovereign 150 Backs, Mystery

Good morning,

As promised here is my bit on the T206 White Borders:

After searching and watching the boards and blogs for awhile now, I have come to believe that the Sovereign 150 backs are just as rare as the Hindu backs or Drum. Most would not say so, but ask any collector of the T206 cards, "How many Sovereign 150 backs do they have?"

I've seen or read about collectors having T206 cards in the hundreds, but only having on average 3 of the 150 Sovereign backs. One collector had over 500 cards with just 3 of those backs, one fellow did have 5 of the "150" backs with only 200+ cards in his collection. Interesting, yet none of the experts say anything about this "limited" back from the first printing or explain this phenomenon.

This weekend I spent hours looking at Vintage dealers T206, for sale of course. Almost 400 cards, wanna guess how many sovereign 150 backs? 2.  Any comments appreciated.

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